Serving God and Country

Serving God and Country

United States Military Chaplains in World War II

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In World War II, more than twelve thousand Protestant ministers, Catholic priests, and Jewish rabbis joined the Chaplain Corps. They were men of faith under fire.

And they would charge straight into Hell to save the soul of a single soldier…

Representing America’s three major religious traditions, volunteers from across the country enlisted as noncombatant commissioned officers to provide spiritual strength and guidance for those fighting men who never knew if they were going to survive.

Armed only with Bibles, Torahs, and the tools of their holy trade, these men of God went wherever the troops went. They prayed over men about to go into combat on land, at sea, and in the air. And, most important and difficult of all, they guided fallen fighting men of every faith as they breathed their last, and gave up their lives in the fight against tyranny.
These are the personal stories of some of the bravest and most selfless men who served with the armed forces. Many lost their lives or suffered debilitating wounds as they strived to keep the military personnel spiritually awake, morally fit—and prepared to make the journey from this world to the next without fear or despair, and with the trust of the Almighty in their hearts.



“Dr. Dorsett has skillfully written the stories of the chaplains who made their contribution during World War II…This is a tremendous work of interest to military historians, spiritual leaders from all faith groups, and patriotic Americans.”—Carlton W. Fulford, Jr., General (Ret.) U.S. Marine Corps

“One of those rare books that delivers excellent history and realistic inspiration in equal measure.”—Mark A. Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

“Lyle Dorsett does a superb job at capturing the spirit, culture, and challenges chaplains of all denominations faced during World War II.”—Chaplain (LTC) Robert Nay, 5X Skill ID, Military Historian, U.S. Army