Seven Kinds of Smart

Seven Kinds of Smart

Identifying and Developing Your Multiple Intelligences

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780452281370
  • 320 Pages
  • Plume
  • Adult


Based on psychologist Howard Gardner‘s pioneering theory of “multiple intelligences,” the original edition of 7 Kinds of Smart identified seven distinct ways of being smart, including “word smart,” “music smart,” “logic smart,” and “people smart.” Now, with the addition of two new kinds of smart–“naturalist” and “existential”–7 Kinds of Smart offers even more interesting information about how the human psyche functions. Complete with checklists for determining one’s strongest and weakest intelligences, exercises, practical tips for developing each type of smart, a revised bibliography for further reading, and a guide to related Internet sites, this book continues to be an essential resource, offering cutting-edge research for general consumption.

Table of Contents

1. Many Kinds of Minds: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
2. Word Smart: Expressing Your Verbal Intelligence
3. Picture Smart: Thinking with Your Mind’s Eye
4. Music Smart: Making the Most of Your Melodic Mind
5. Body Smart: Using Your Kinesthetic Intelligence
6. Logic Smart: Calculating Your Mathematical and Scientific Abilities
7. People Smart: Connecting with Your Social Sense
8. Self Smart: Developing Your Intrapersonal Intellect
9. Awakening Your Late-Blooming Intelligences
10. Strengthening Your Weakest Link: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Difficulties
11. Working Smarter: Matching Intelligences to Career Goals
12. When Intelligences Collide: Harmonizing Thinking Styles in Relationships
13. Mind-Styles of the Future: Intelligences of the Twenty-first Century
14. New Intelligences: The Naturalist and the Existential
15. Will There Be More Intelligences?
Resources for Developing the Intelligences
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