Shadows in the Jungle

Shadows in the Jungle

The Alamo Scouts Behind Japanese Lines in World War II

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  • ISBN 9780451229137
  • 384 Pages
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A new account of World War II heroism from the national bestselling author of Biggest Brother.

Determined to retake the Philippines ever since his ignominious flight from the islands in 1942, General Douglas MacArthur organized a first- rate intelligence-gathering unit. They were called the Alamo Scouts.

Larry Alexander follows the men who made up the elite recon unit that served as General MacArthur’s eyes and ears in the Pacific War. Drawing from personal interviews and testimonies from Scout veterans, Alexander weaves together the tales of the individual Scouts, who often spent weeks behind enemy lines to complete their missions. Now, more than sixty years after the war, the story of the Alamo Scouts will finally be told.
Shadows in the Jungle

Shadows in the Jungle

Written by: Larry Alexander