Signing illustrated: the complete learning guide

Signing illustrated: the complete learning guide

The Complete Learning Guide

Written by:

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780399530418
  • 320 Pages
  • TarcherPerigee
  • Adult


Here is the complete learning guide that teaches American Sign Language by “category,” the most popular and preferred method of teaching and learning. This easy-to-use guide is updated and expanded to include new computer and technology signs and offers a fast and simple approach to learning. Includes:

- Vocabulary reviews
- Fingerspelling exercises
- Sign matching and memory aids
- A complete glossary and a comprehensive index
- Clear instructive drawings

Table of Contents

Signing IllustratedIntroduction
A Brief History of Sign Language
About This Book
Getting Started: The Basics
The Basic Hand Shapes
Hints for Better Signing
The Manual Alphabet

Chapter 1
Family, People, and Pronouns

Chapter 2
Home, Clothing, and Colors

Chapter 3
Food and Eating

Chapter 4
Actions and Related Words

Chapter 5
Sports, Recreation, and Hobbies

Chapter 6
Animals, Nature, and Science

Chapter 7
Travel, Holidays, Location, and Direction

Chapter 8
Thoughts, Emotions, and Abstract Ideas

Chapter 9
God and Religion

Chapter 10
Education, Careers, and Communication

Chapter 11
Cities, States, Countries, and Governments

Chapter 12
Numbers, Money, and Quantity

Chapter 13
Health, Medical, and the Body

Chapter 14
Time, Seasons, and Weather

Chapter 15
Opposites and Questions

Chapter 16

Acronyms, Etc.
Answers to Practice Pages