Simple Recipes for Joy

Simple Recipes for Joy

More Than 200 Delicious Vegan Recipes

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More than 200 delicious vegan recipes from the world-renowned founder of the Jivamukti yoga method and the Jivamuktea Café.

Since 1984, Jivamukti yoga has been synonymous with a new way of living: peacefully, healthfully, and consciously. Jivamukti’s dedicated instructors and message of kindness have inspired a global revolution. In 2006, Sharon Gannon and David Life opened the Jivamuktea Café in New York City to complement their yoga school as a living expression of how compassionate spiritual activism can be put to practical use. It, too, was an immediate success. The peaceful ambience, the camaraderie, and, most of all, the delicious, hearty fare struck a chord with patrons who were thrilled to eliminate meat and dairy from their diet without sacrificing taste.

Now, Gannon reveals the secrets behind the café’s acclaimed menu and also showcases her own home cooking, with recipes she’s been making for family and friends for decades, including dishes such as Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup, Rosemary Seitan, and Sharon’s Cajun-Mexican–inspired Jambalaya, and, of course, her signature chocolate mousse. Whether you’re a stalwart vegan or one of the millions of vegetarians and omnivores who eat vegan part-time for its health and environmental benefits, Gannon’s accessible, delicious, and spiritually powerful recipes will bring joy to your table and tranquillity to your life. 
Simple Recipes for Joy

Simple Recipes for Joy

Sharon Gannon



“This beautiful book will transform your life. Sharon Gannon has helped countless people achieve a dramatically new level of health and wellness. Now you can put her wisdom to work as she guides you to using the power of food in ways you may never have imagined. Over many years, our research has established the surprising power of plant-based diets to help people regain their health and vitality. Sharon Gannon brings you everything you need to put that power to work.”
—Neal D. Barnard, M.D., president, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and adjunct associate professor of medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.
“Sharon Gannon infuses love and spirit into every one of her incredibly delicious dishes; eat her food and feel good in your body and soul!”
—Kathy Freston, New York Times–bestselling author of Veganist and Quantum Wellness
“Sharon is my guru—I like eating anything she’s dishing out. Her teachings on yoga and veganism have positively transformed my life. She is not only an example of someone who walks the talk, but she excels in so many areas—teacher, philosopher, activist, artist, musician, and cook—showing us all that through devotion to God one can become a divine instrument and with God’s great love all is possible.”
—Russell Simmons, philanthropist and New York Times–bestselling author of Success Through Stillness
“All one needs to do is be around Sharon Gannon for mere moments to realize that she’s figured out the secret to happiness. Sharon glows with good karma, optimal wellness, and a joyful, blissful life. Therefore, whatever she is eating, doing, teaching—we must perk up and take notice. How and what we eat is not only integral to health, but to what life brings us energetically. This cookbook is a call to tasty karmic eating, to revitalize our dulled taste buds and get our depressed palates in shape. Whole foods, fresh foods, foods alive with rich vitamin properties—these are the keys to turning our life around from the inside out. Unlike many vegan cookbooks, Sharon’s recipes aren’t riddled with substitutions for meat and ice cream. Sharon serves us healthy realness, the truth behind what our bodies really need (one look at hers tells us to listen up!) and what will fill us and warm us in the long term. Sharon’s recipes are simple, tasty, and, most important, recipes you will make again and again. Sharon keeps her ingredient lists short, which makes life easier for busy moms (like me!) who are committed to healthful family eating. This is a book all the vegan-curious, the committed plant eaters, and anyone looking to up their health ante and notice a quick difference should have handy. You don’t have to be a patchouli-swinging back-bender to eat these foods; any novice or mom-next-door can learn endless nutritional truths and tips with this book within reach. If you could live healthfully without resorting to pharmaceuticals, help the environment by eating sustainably, be in fabulous shape, feel wonderful, and be committed to ahimsa—to not participating in the brutal treatment of animals on factory farms—non-harming . . . why on earth wouldn’t you? This is the truth in Sharon’s message. It’s a simple decision to make. Try this diet. Eat this delicious food. The transformation in your body and mind will be dramatic, and you’ll ride the sexy changes deliciously on this treasure tomb of plant-powered tastiness!”
—Chloé Jo Davis, Eco Spokesmama and founder of
“Super Green Salad, Love Smoothie, Green Machine . . . All enlargements of the soul with the intrinsic beauty of Sharon Gannon, the most impassioned and truthful vegan chef and yogi alive today on Mother Earth.”
—Joe Sponzo, personal chef to Sting and Trudie Styler, and author of The Lakehouse Cookbook
“Sharon’s food nourishes AND enlightens. As a longtime devoted fan of her Jivamuktea Café and her yoga teachings, I can’t wait to experiment with her alchemy at home. She’s finally given up her secrets.”
—Darren Aronofsky, award-winning film director of Noah, Black Swan, and The Wrestler


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