Sins of the Lost

Sins of the Lost

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From the author of Sins of the Angels and Sins of the Son comes the newest novel in the “electric, thrilling and extremely intelligent” (Ex Libris) Grigori Legacy series.

Heaven and Hell are on the brink of war as Lucifer builds his Nephilim army and waits for his new weapon to be born — a Nephilim child of his own bloodline to lead his forces to cataclysmic victory.

With rumors of the pending war rampant on Earth, Alex Jarvis fights to save humanity from its own panic — leaving little time for her fledgling relationship with Seth, the man with heavenly origins who has captured her heart. But when Nephilim children begin to disappear, along with Alex’s own vulnerable niece, the inevitable war between Heaven and Hell becomes personal.

Heaven has its own plans to fight the coming apocalypse, but first it needs Seth back. Asked to betray the man she loves, Alex must turn for help to the soulmate she thought she’d given up — the Archangel Aramael, who may be her last chance to save her family and humanity from the ashes of Lucifer’s Armageddon.

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Sins of the Lost

Sins of the Lost

Linda Poitevin


Praise for the Grigori Legacy novels

“Extraordinary…Poitevin’s world-building is superb…It has everything I love in a novel—a fascinating mythology, plenty of twists and surprises, a tormented hero on a mission and a courageous heroine…I’m already looking forward to the sequel!” —Christina Henry, author of Black Wings

“Strong storytelling and a pair of intriguing characters make this title a strong draw for urban fantasy readers.”—Library Journal

“A dark urban fantasy novel like you haven’t read before. It is electric, thrilling and extremely intelligent. Linda Poitevin’s worldbuilding is rich and layered and her writing is excellent. A fantastic new series which will appeal to urban fantasy, paranormal romance and thriller fans!”—Ex Libris

“Urban Fantasy deeply infused with a richly developed mythology, excellent world building, characters you’ll love, and villains you’ll love to hate.”—The Qwillery

“Dramatic and wrenching.”—Night Owl Reviews

“[Poitevin] is an engaging new talent.”—RT Reviews

“Those who like a darker Urban Fantasy will eat this up.” —Paranormal Haven

“This is a new series to watch.” –Monsters and Critics

“A gritty thriller that will keep you on the edge of the seat and up all night!”—Romancing the Dark Side

“Absolutely engrossing.”—Fiction Vixen

“An epic battle story of good and evil with so many scrumptious twists and turns…Using scintillating character development and fast-paced action, Linda Poitevin has crafted an amazing series in the Grigori Legacy. If you’re a fan of paranormal romance of the supernatural variety, you should definitely read Sins of the Son!” -Fresh Fiction

“It’s got sexual tension, angels, Lucifer, and amnesia. What more can a girl want? Oh! A kick ass storyline that keeps on moving even when your eyes try to close and go to sleep. Definite late night read! –Heroes and Heartbreakers


The Grigori Legacy
Sins of the Son
Linda Poitevin
Sins of the Angels
Linda Poitevin
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