Snowmen at Work

Snowmen at Work


Enhanced ePub
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  • Enhanced ePub
  • ISBN 9781101653753
  • 32 Pages
  • Dial Books for Young Readers
  • 3 – 5


If you were a snowman, what job would you choose?

Ten years ago, on the publication of Snowmen at Night, we discovered the secret lives of snowmen. While we humans sleep, the snowmen go sledding, play baseball, and drink cocoa. But now it’s revealed that snowmen don’t just play all night–they have jobs to do, just like the parents of human kids. Dentists replace missing coal from snowman smiles while pet store owners help pair snowkids with their very own snowpuppy or snowfish to love. The pizza man delivers frozen pizza, and factory workers make the coolest toys in town.

This fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Snowmen series is a gleeful, goofy delight. Kids will love spotting the silly details in each illustration, and the hidden pictures too. (They can look on the back side of the book jacket for a key to all that’s concealed within.)
Snowmen at Work

Snowmen at Work

Caralyn Buehner, Illustrator: Mark Buehner

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