Son of Man

Son of Man

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780874779929
  • 320 Pages
  • Tarcher
  • Adult


“Galvanizing, beautifully written . . . a powerful expression of faith in the transforming power of Christ’s love.”–Publishers Weekly (starred review)Son of Man is Andrew Harvey‘s most basic statement on Christ, and it has already become a treasured work to readers interested in Christian mysticism. For the first time in any of his books, Harvey provides spiritual exercises–centuries-old rites previously available only to a few–that allow the reader direct experience with the mystical Christ. Son of Man also includes an easily accessible section of classic readings and meditations on the nature of Christ, making it the comprehensive experience in the Christ of the new millennium.

Table of Contents

A Vision

Part One: The Historical Christ

The Historical Jesus and His Message of the Kingdom
Jesus and the Family
Jesus and Women
Jesus and the Rich
Jesus and Power
Jesus and Religion
Jesus and His Disciples
Jesus as Political Revolutionary
The End and the New Beginning

Part Two: The Mystical Christ

The Eight Thresholds and Mysteries
The Map

Part Three: Christ and the Sacred Feminine

Jesus’ Life, Teachings, Mission and the Divine Feminine
Gnostic Gospels and the Sacred Feminine
Jesus the Mother
Jesus and Mary

Five Approaches to Mary’s Mystic Motherhood
The Historical Mary and Her Message in the Magnificat
The Woman Clothed with the Sun: Apparitions of the Cosmic Mary
Learning from the Vision of the Mother in Other Mystical Traditions
Mary as Queen of the Sacrament of Cana
Mary as the Black Madonna

3. Prayers for the Soul
Prayers for New Life
Prayers for Depression
Prayer for the Higher Self
Clearing Up the Past
Washing Us Clean
Prayer for Faith
Filling the Emptiness
Group Prayer for God’s Presence

4. Prayers for the Body
Gratitude for the Body
Prayers for Healing
Prayer for a Partner’s Healing
Prayer for a Peaceful Death
Prayer for the Dead

Part Four: The Direct Path to Christ: Practices and Meditations


Section I: Twelve Sacred Practices
1. Saying a Mantra
2. Saying the Name of Jesus in the Heart
3. Saying the Jesus Prayer
4. The Practice of Centering Prayer
5. The Practice of Inner Conversation with Christ (or Mental Prayer)
6. Saying the Our Father
7. The Practice of the Sacred Heart
8. A Heart Practice
9. The Rosary: Practicing the Presence of the Mother
10. The Practice of the Presence of the Mother, by Performing All Our Actions with Mary, in Mary, through Mary, and for Mary
11. The Practice of Giving and Taking
12. Birthing the Divine Child in the Mother

Section II: Thirty-one Meditations on the Mythical Christ

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