Sorrow Bound

Sorrow Bound

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  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780399168208
  • 352 Pages
  • Blue Rider Press
  • Adult


It’s a sweltering summer in Hull: gray storm clouds gather ominously over this small English city, yet refuse to break. Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy and the rest of the Serious and Organized Crime Unit are being pushed to the brink by the local drug trade as a sadistic new boss takes over and violent crime escalates. But it’s not long before McAvoy and DS Trish Pharaoh are distracted by something deadlier: a serial murderer with a taste for the grisly and macabre. McAvoy comes to suspect these are actually copycat murders, committed as revenge for mishandled police investigations conducted years ago. But when one of McAvoy’s fellow police officers is blackmailed by the local drug kingpin, McAvoy’s life—and that of his wife, Roisin, and of the couple’s two young children—is suddenly in fearful jeopardy.

The third installment in David Mark’s critically acclaimed series, Sorrow Bound brings us deeper into Aector McAvoy’s dark, suspenseful world. As the vicious monster lurking in the shadows creep closer and closer to home, our imposing, stoic hero must figure out a way to protect his family at all costs.
Sorrow Bound

Sorrow Bound

David Mark


“Each McAvoy novel has been dark, but Sorrow Bound goes beyond dark to near-apocalyptic. Mark pulls it off, though, and fans of the giant Scottish detective will lose sleep reading this one.” —Booklist (starred)

“Compelling characters and a knotty mystery make the third from Mark (Original Skin, 2013, etc.) stand out from other procedurals.”—Kirkus

“Mark adroitly weaves all these threads together during a sweltering Hull summer full of lowering clouds but no rain, ‘a feverish heat; a pestilent, buzzing cloak.’ The physically imposing Aector, a terrific lead, hews closely to the rules. Well-fleshed out supporting characters round out the cast.”—Publishers Weekly (starred)

“McAvoy is a sure bet for fans of dark crime fiction set in Britain. Mark is particularly skilled at brief, effective characterization and at establishing an ominous, suspense-ridden setting in which his hero must struggle to reconcile his concept of justice and his admirable integrity with the evil that men do. VERDICT: A satisfying read-alike for fans of Peter Robinson or Val McDermid.”—Library Journal

“Dark and disturbing, this deeply addictive novel is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach.  But readers who enjoy a smart thriller with fully realized characters and literary prose will find Mark’s work superb.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Mark shows an attention for detail that gives readers both a sense of place and sharp insights into the complex, layered characters of the story…Sorrow Bound is an engrossing read sure to draw in both series fans and newcomers alike.”—Suspense Magazine


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David Mark
David Mark
David Mark
David Mark
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