Such Troops as These

Such Troops as These

The Genius and Leadership of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson

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Acclaimed military historian Bevin Alexander offers a provocative analysis of Stonewall Jackson’s military genius and reveals how the Civil War might have ended differently if Jackson’s strategies had been adopted.

The Civil War pitted the industrial North against the agricultural South, and remains one of the most catastrophic conflicts in American history. With triple the population and eleven times the industry, the Union had a decided advantage over the Confederacy. But one general had a vision that could win the War for the South—Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

Jackson believed invading the eastern states from Baltimore to Maine could divide and cripple the Union, forcing surrender, but failed to convince Confederate president Jefferson Davis or General Robert E. Lee.

In Such Troops as These, Bevin Alexander presents a compelling case for Jackson as the greatest general in American history. Fiercely dedicated to the cause of Southern independence, Jackson would not live to see the end of the War. But his military legacy lives on and finds fitting tribute in this book.


“In his superb new book, Bevin Alexander continues to demonstrate the breadth of his historical knowledge, the keenness of his insight and his outstanding capacity to write a compelling and engaging narrative. This is the best book on Stonewall Jackson’s unique military genius and unmatched leadership published in many years. Alexander cuts through a century and a half of mythmaking about the Confederate high command to reveal not only Jackson’s true genius, but to also expose the failures of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis that cost the South any chance of victory.” —Colonel Jerry D. Morelock, PhD, U.S. Army, ret., Editor in Chief, Armchair General magazine

“[This] book belongs in the library of any serious student of military lore.”–General Frederick J. Kroesen, former vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army and commander in chief, U.S. Army Europe
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