Sugar Has 56 Names

Sugar Has 56 Names

A Shopper’s Guide (A Penguin Special from Hudson Street Press)

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In the newest edition of The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the U.S. government has – for the very first time – limited the amount of sugar that it is safe for us to consume. Yet  sugar hides behind many names on ingredient lists, making it sometimes impossible to discover. Although “evaporated cane juice” might be easy enough to puzzle out – what about “diastatic malt” or “panocha?” In Sugar Has 56 Names, Robert H. Lustig, MD, bestselling author of Fat Chance and The Fat Chance Cookbook, provides a list of ingredient names that food manufacturers use to disguise sugar content as well as a rundown of common grocery store items and their total sugar content. Concise and direct, Sugar Has 56 Names is an essential tool for smart shopping.
Sugar Has 56 Names

Sugar Has 56 Names

Written by: Robert H. Lustig