Super Brain Power

Super Brain Power

6 Keys to Unlocking Your Hidden Genius

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780735201330
  • 320 Pages
  • Prentice Hall Press
  • Adult


Jean Marie Stine, a celebrated expert in human potential, incorporates the latest advances in the field of mental performance enhancement into Super Brain Power, giving you the tools you need to supercharge your Six Key Intelligences —Verbal, Visual, Logical, Creative, Physical, and Emotional.

Multiply your mental power in 21 days, with 21 simple and enjoyable exercises scientifically designed to make you smarter, more creative, more intuitive, and more successful in achieving your goals. You’ll find exercises to help you:

• Turn your mind into a mental tape recorder that captures every word you hear and read
• Jump-start your intelligence at will and leapfrog to logical solutions to the toughest problems
• Increase your creativity by pre-programming your unconscious idea processor
• Win the enthusiasm and cooperation of others and form a personal championship team
• Learn physical tasks instantly by tapping into your physical intelligence
• Develop an emotional radar that automatically steers you toward success
• Expand your vocabulary — without word-of-the-day lists or dictionaries

Unleash the tremendous potential of your mind with the simple exercises in Super Brain Power and discover how simple it can be to improve your memory, increase your concentration, enhance your creativity, and boost your learning potential.

Table of Contents

Super Brain PowerPreface

Introduction: Success, The Six Intelligences and You

How the Super Brain Power Program Can Make You 500 percent Smarter

The Power of Your Six Intelligences

Five Mini-Exercises That Prove the Value of This Program

Days 1-4: The First Key
Unlocking Your Verbal Genius
What’s Your Verbal IQ?

Unlocking Your Verbal Intelligence

Day 1—Exercise: Power Phrases
Day 2—Exercise: Power Speaking
Day 3—Exercise: Laser-Guided Listening
Day 4—Exercise: Super-Reading

Days 5-7: The Second Key
Unlocking Your Visual Genius
What’s Your Visual IQ?

Unlocking Your Visual Intelligence

Day 5—Exercise: Photographic Memory
Day 6—Exercise: Power Seeing
Day 7—Exercise: Power Imagery

Days 8-11: The Third Key
Unlocking Your Logical Genius
What’s Your Logical IQ?

Unlocking Your Logical Intelligence

Day 8—Exercise: Problem Busting
Day 9—Exercise: Zero-Defect Thinking
Day 10—Exercise: Spotting Bogus Logic
Day11—Exercise: Math Wizardry

Days 12-14: The Fourth Key
Unlocking Your Creative Genius
Whats Your Creative IQ?

Unlocking Your Creative Intelligence

Day 12—Exercise: Instant Inspiration
Day 13—Exercise: Reversal
Day 14—Exercise: Super Brainstorming

Days 15-17: The Fifth Key
Unlocking Your Physical Genius
What’s Your Physical IQ?

Unlocking Your Physical Intelligence

Day 15—Exercise : Tapping the Body’s Wisdom
Day 16—Exercise: Whole Body-Learning
Day 17—Exercise: Instant Connecting

Days 18-21: The Sixth Key
Unlocking Your Emotional Genius
What’s Your Emotional IQ?

Unlocking Your Emotional Intelligence

Day 18—Exercise: Personal Radar
Day 19—Exercise: Power Confidence
Day 20—Exercise: Super Empathy
Day 21—Exercise: Creating Positive Outcomes

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