Surrender to Temptation Part III

Surrender to Temptation Part III

Tempted to Obey

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  • ISBN 9781101620724
  • 61 Pages
  • InterMix
  • Adult


Lured by their incendiary passion, Devon must decide how far she’ll go to satisfy the needs of her complicated lover—in Lauren Jameson’s Surrender to Temptation

Surrender to Temptation, Part III 
Tempted to Obey

After retreating into himself emotionally, Zach returns to Devon with a shocking request. Used to completely vanilla sex, Devon isn’t sure how far she’s willing to go and informs Zach she’s not ready.

After days pass with no contact, Devon starts to feel angry and used—and while she might be inexperienced in sex, she isn’t about to let someone walk all over her. Catching Zach off-guard in the office, Devon is prepared for an explosive reaction, but not for the sexual way he decides to relieve their tension.

Unable to focus, she needs a moment to escape the complications of her once simple life. But when she runs into someone from her past, Devon learns that Zach isn’t as distant as he’d like her to believe…

Includes a bonus excerpt of Lauren Jameson’s upcoming novel, Blush.

More to come…Don’t miss Surrender to Temptation, Part IV, available 1/22.

Surrender to Temptation Part III

Surrender to Temptation Part III

Written by: Lauren Jameson