Surrender to Temptation Part V

Surrender to Temptation Part V

Tempted to Reveal

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  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101620755
  • 62 Pages
  • InterMix
  • Adult


In the latest installment of Lauren Jameson’s Surrender to Temptation, Zach continues to introduce Devon to wild passions as she comes to a startling realization.

Surrender to Temptation, Part V
Tempted to Reveal

Devon can’t ignore the intense desire she feels every time she sees Zach, so it doesn’t take much convincing for Devon to agree to spend the weekend with him and further explore the physical side of their connection.

On the way to his weekend house, an unnerving experience forces Devon and Zach to channel their nervous energy into an explosive sexual encounter. And as they settle in for a weekend of delicious intimacy, it seems that their relationship is finally in a good place.

But when Devon reveals the depth of her feelings for Zach, his reaction throws everything they’ve shared—and everything they could become—into chaos…

Includes a bonus excerpt of Lauren Jameson’s upcoming novel, Blush.

More to come…Don’t miss the sizzling conclusion to Surrender to Temptation, Part VI, available 2/5.

Surrender to Temptation Part V

Surrender to Temptation Part V

Written by: Lauren Jameson