Tales of the Dervishes

Tales of the Dervishes

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140193589
  • 224 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult
Tales of the Dervishes

Tales of the Dervishes

Idries Shah


Table of Contents

Tales of the DervishesPreface
The Three Fishes
The Food of Paradise
When the Waters Were Changed
The Tale of the Sands
The Blind Ones and the Matter of the Elephant
The Dog, the Stick and the Sufi
How to Catch Monkeys
The Ancient Coffer of Nuri Bey
The Three Truths
The Sultan Who Became an Exile
The Story of Fire
The Ogre and the Sufi
The Merchant and the Christian Dervish
The Golden Fortune
The Candlestick of Iron
Strike on this Spot
Why the Clay Birds Flew Away
The Gnat Namouss – and the Elephant
The Idiot, the Wise Man, and the Jug
The Wayward Princess
The Bequest
The Oath
The Idiot in the Great City
The Founding of a Tradition
Fatima the Spinner and the Tent
The Gates of Paradise
The Man Who Was Aware of Death
The Man Who Was Easily Angered
The Dog and the Donkey
Carrying Shoes
The Man Who Walked on Water
The Ant and the Dragonfly
The Story of Tea
The King Who Decided to Be Generous
The Cure of Human Blood
The Dam
The Three Dervishes
The Four Magic Treasures
The Dreams and the Loaf of Bread
Bread and Jewels
The Limitations of Dogma
The Fisherman and the Genie
The Time, the Place and the People
The Parable of the Three Domains
Valuable – and Worthless
The Bird and the Egg
Three Pieces of Advice
The Mountain Path
The Snake and the Peacock
The Water of Paradise
The Horseman and the Snake
Isa and the Doubters
In the Street of the Perfume-Sellers
The Parable of the Greedy Sons
The Nature of Discipleship
The Initiation of Malik Dinar
The Idiot and the Browsing Camel
The Three Jewelled Rings
The Man with the Inexplicable Life
The Man Whose Time Was Wrong
Maruf the Cobbler
Wisdom for Sale
The King and the Poor Boy
The Three Teachers and the Muleteers
Bayazid and the Selfish Man
The People Who Attain
Wayfarer, Strangeness and Savetime
Timur Agha and the Speech of Animals
The Indian Bird
When Death Came to Baghdad
The Grammarian and the Dervish
The Dervish and the Princess
The Increasing of Necessity
The Man Who Looked Only at the Obvious
How Knowledge Was Earned
The Lamp Shop
The Chariot
The Lame Man and the Blind Man
The Servants and the House
The Generous Man
The Host and the Guests
The King’s Son
Appendix: Authors and teachers, in chronological order
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