Talking Back

Talking Back

. . . to Presidents, Dictators, and Assorted Scoundrels

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780143038733
  • 480 Pages
  • Penguin Books
  • Adult


No TV reporter today is more respected than NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. She’s covered stories from Jonestown to the fall of the Berlin Wall, gotten unexpected answers from such interviewees as Fidel Castro and Hillary Clinton, and balanced her high-wire career with a very public marriage to former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Dr. Alan Greenspan. Mitchell’s candid, funny, and riveting memoir is filled with unprecedented behind-the-scenes views of the television news industry and official Washington. A classic of contemporary journalism by a woman who has taken on her profession’s entire old-boy network, Talking Back deserves a place on the shelf alongside the memoirs of Hillary Clinton and Katherine Graham.


Andrea Mitchell [is] the go-to reporter when a big story is breaking in Washington and throughout the world. —Tom BrokawThe reader feels like a rapt cocktail party guest, listening to amazing stories from a bold and admirable career. —Los Angeles Times
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