Teacher Says

Teacher Says

30 Foolproof Ways to Help Kids Thrive in School

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780399529979
  • 336 Pages
  • TarcherPerigee
  • Adult


Popular Washington Post education columnist and veteran educator Evelyn Vuko shares the inside scoop to ensure children get the best education possible. Drawing on her experience in the classroom-as well as input from authorities ranging from creative writing experts to solar physicists-Vuko gives grade-specific advice from kindergarten through high school.

Readers will learn to:

€Find the right school
€Help with homework-the right way
€Make parent/teacher conferences friendly and productive
€Help hormone-crazed teens keep up with schoolwork
Teacher Says

Teacher Says

Evelyn Porreca Vuko


“If you have a question about your child’s education (and who doesn’t), this book is for you.” —Dr. Dorothy Rich

“The last word in imaginative and heart-felt solutions to classroom problems.”
Patricia Lemer

Table of Contents

Teacher SaysIntroduction

Part One: Three Things to Think about Every School Year with Kids of All Ages
1. Making Every School Year Successful
2. Finding the Best School for Your Child
3. Forming an Alliance with the Teacher

Part Two: Kindergarten: Wrestling with Learning and Behavior
4. How to Discipline When Kids Are Defiant or Loud and Teach Them Self-Control
5. How to Tell If Your Child Has An Attention Disorder and What to Do about It
6. How to Bolster Budding Language Skills

Part Three: Grades One through Three: Getting a Handle on School
7. What to Do When Kids Are Disorganized
8. How to Prepare for Standardized Tests
9. The Right Way to Help with Homework
10. How to Choose Toys and Games That Help Integrate Their Senses for Learning
11. What to Do When Physical Movement Gets in the Way of Learning
12. How to Improve Visual Skills for Better Reading

Part Four: Grades Four and Five: Grappling with the Ropes of School
13. How to Mend Rocky Relationships
14. How to Help Fourth and Fifth Graders Get Organized
15. How to Help Kids Improve Their Science Skills
16. How to Help Kids Improve Their Math Skills
17. How to Help Kids Improve Research Skills and Write Reports

Part Five: Middle School: The Hormone-Hammering Years
18. How to Help Middle Schoolers Study
19. How to Motivate an Underachiever
20. What to Do When Kids Have Trouble Studying
21. How to Increase Reading Comprehension
22. How to Help Kids Improve Creative Writing

Part Six: High School: Where the Party Starts
23. How to Handle Teacher Conferences
24. What to Do When Kids Don’t Want to Study
25. How to Deal with Serious Emotional Problems
26. How to Help Kids Who Are Poor Spellers
27. How to Help Kids Who Get Confused by Science

Part Seven: Beating the Summertime Blues
28. What to Do When Summer Gets Boring
29. How to Keep Reluctant Readers Reading over the Summer
30. Summertime Trips through History

Tools for Teaching
Book List for Reluctant Readers

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