Temporary Hauntings

Temporary Hauntings


  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101618158
  • 181 Pages
  • InterMix
  • Adult


The New York Times bestselling author whose stories are “a lot of fun” (Christopher Stasheff) is back on the job with another Temporary Magic adventure…
Lenny Hodge has a gift. Everyone around him says it’s an amazing gift. If only Lenny could figure out what it is.
Lenny works for Terrifitemps!, a “temp agency” that specializes in employing gifted people—people capable of confronting The Forces of Evil and saving the world on a regular basis.
Lenny barely survived his first mission. Now he has to join his team of supernatural sleuths for something even more dangerous: his first actual temp job. It’s a job filled with peril: ghosts, vampires, werecreatures, aliens, and even a tribe of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?). And is anyone prepared for the overwhelming might of the Pooka Patrol?
Lenny sure isn’t…
Praise for Craig Shaw Gardner and his work:
“The field needs more humorists of this caliber.”—Robert Asprin
“Gardener skewers all the clichés of quest-fantasy with wit, style, mordant irony and great glee—this series could have been serialized in National Lampoon or filmed by one of the Pythons!”—Spider Robinson
“Infectiously enthusiastic storytelling.”—Publishers Weekly

Craig Shaw Gardner is the author of eighteen fantasy novels with titles like A Malady of Magicks and Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies, more than forty short stories (and two short story collections) and over a dozen novelizations and tie-in novels to such properties as Batman, Buffy, Back to the Future, and the Battlestar Galactica reboot, which suggest he can only work on projects beginning with the letter B. A native of Rochester, New York, he now lives in the greater Boston area with his wife and the two cats who run the household.


Temporary Magic Novel
Craig Shaw Gardner
Craig Shaw Gardner
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