Temptation at Twilight

Temptation at Twilight

Lords of Pleasure

Additional Formats
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451234827
  • 304 Pages
  • NAL
  • Adult


A fantasy resort that offers all the pleasures of life-and death…

Vampire brothers Aldric, Soren, and Luc Fontaine own and run La Petite Mort, an adult fantasy resort for the adventurous of heart-and body. Humans, shifters, Fae, and other beings gather to enjoy two weeks of fantasies-come-true at the New Orleans estate. The brothers themselves have experienced everything life, and death, have to offer…except finding their true mates.

Soren makes a bargain with a Voodoo Priestess, binding him to her forever in exchange for the return of the wife he lost a hundred years ago. He is soon convinced that one of the new guests is his wife reincarnated, and an intense sexual attraction turns to a true emotional bond…but all could be lost when the Priestess comes to collect.


Lords of Pleasure
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