That Old Black Magic

That Old Black Magic

Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425244937
  • 320 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Reluctant witch Eden Riley knows that codependent relationships aren’t good, especially when you’re possessed by a sexy but troublemaking demon. Darrak’s physical form makes good girl Eden want to go bad, but the constant itch to use the soul-destroying black magic she’s recently acquired might force Eden to explore her dark side in an entirely different way.

And when her magic starts manifesting itself without conscious effort, both Eden’s life and the possibility of a future with Darrak are threatened-since only one of them might be able to survive this…

That Old Black Magic

That Old Black Magic

Michelle Rowen


A Living in Eden Novel
Michelle Rowen
Michelle Rowen
Michelle Rowen


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

It’s not easy being a demon.

I don’t know this personally, of course, but the hero of my “Living in Eden” trilogy does. Thanks to a witch’s curse 300 years ago, Darrak has been forced to possess humans ever since. Not fun for him.

Then he met Eden Riley. When he had no choice but to possess her, he found that things changed. He was able to take physical form during daylight hours for the first time in three centuries. And after Eden got over the shock of this situation—and realized that Darrak was a rather unusual (and majorly sexy) demon—she decided to help him break his curse rather than having him exorcised. Not that the thought didn’t cross her mind. Frequently.

Eden and Darrak’s relationship has been rocky—and passionate. And now it comes to its climatic finale in the third and final book, That Old Black Magic, which is my personal fave of the trilogy. Darrak has been my favorite hero to write to date, not to mention my funniest and arguably sexiest one. (Don’t tell the others.)

Now the only question is—do Eden and Darrak find their happily ever after? Is the curse broken? Will they survive together—or will they be forced apart forever? With so many odds stacked against them, it looks difficult as…well, hell.

I hope you enjoy TOBM! And check out my website at and my official Facebook page at for all the latest news about by current and future books.

Happy reading! :)


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