The $1,000 Challenge

The $1,000 Challenge

How One Family Slashed Its Budget Without Moving Under a Bridge or Living on Gov ernment Cheese

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Are You Brave Enough for the $1,000 Challenge? 
Middle-class incomes are stretched more than ever. Feeling the strain himself, personal finance columnist Brian O’Connor decided to put his own family’s spending to the test. He began a ten-week experiment to see if his family could cut its monthly living expenses by $1,000—without sacrificing anything truly important. From groceries and transportation to entertainment and insurance, O’Connor ruthlessly tackled his family’s Top 10 spending categories with an eye on rooting out big savings.

As he shares his family’s cost-cutting adventures, O’Connor offers helpful strategies for getting your own finances back on track. Whether he’s sharing secrets to shrinking your grocery tab or helping you scour bills for unnecessary fees, O’Connor tackles the frustrations and fears of controlling your own financial fate.

The $1,000 Challenge

The $1,000 Challenge

Written by: Brian J. O’Connor


“I laughed out loud reading this book. Brian O’Connor does the nearly impossible by making a personal finance book funny as well as

incredibly educational.”
—Liz Weston MSN Money columnist and author of The 10 Commandments of Money

“Brian O’Connor keeps you entertained while demonstrating simple and effective ways to cut costs in every area. And he’ll keep you

laughing all the way.”
—Mary Hunt founder, Debt-Proof Living, and author of 7 Money Rules for Life

“Finally, a book to help with the family finances that doesn’t feel like you’re being chewed out by a coach! This is a hip, fun, hilarious, but ultimately helpful guide to family finances by a real human being.”

—W. Bruce Cameron author of A Dog’s Journey and A Dog’s Purpose


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