The 3-Degree Putting Solution

The 3-Degree Putting Solution

The Comprehensive, Scientifically Proven Guide to Better Putting

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  • ISBN 9781101544501
  • 160 Pages
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The award-winning Golf Channel instructor and host of The Golf Fix revives a long-lost technique for adjusting your putter’s loft, with winning results.

Acclaimed instructor Michael Breed resurrects the crucial lessons of negative loft-3 degrees of it, to be precise-and shows how it can revolutionize any player’s short game.

Drawn from years of self-funded technical research, The 3-Degree Putting Solution presents the key to fixing putting woes once and for all. The secret is to change the loft on the putter face from 4 degrees of positive loft (as conventional wisdom dictates) to a negative loft of 3 degrees. The result? Backspin is greatly reduced, ensuring a more consistent speed and a "truer" roll. And by leaning the putter shaft forward, golfers can all but eliminate the ball’s pesky air jump immediately after impact.

Shrinking the chance of error on each putt, Breed has perfected the 3-Degree technique to incorporate optimal grip, posture, and alignment, as well as intuitive skills such as mental conditioning and how to read the green. This breakthrough guide offers practice drills with dozens of photographs and illustrations, making the 3-Degree technique a powerful lesson in shaving crucial points off your score. Giving readers access to the proven wisdom of a world-class instructor, The 3-Degree Putting Solution is sure to spark new dialogues on how to putt like a pro.


"Michael Breed is a very talented instructor who has spent over 25 years studying the art of putting. His knowledge and presentation make The 3-Degree Putting Solution both informative and entertaining. A must read!" — Curt Byrum, PGA Tour Winner, Two-time Nationwide Tour Winner

"Michael is one of the most well respected instructors in golf. You will absolutely improve your putting by reading The 3-Degree Putting Solution and implementing his well researched information. If you really want to improve your game, this is the putting book for you." — Ron Whittaker, Winner of the 2007 Nationwide Tour Chattanooga Classic

"Michael Breed is truly a ‘new breed’ when it comes to teaching. He has studied the techniques of the great players of today and yesterday, and he can flat out play! His infectious attitude on "The Golf Fix" is what you get all the time, and you will want to listen to what he says." — Brad Faxon, eight-time PGA Tour Winner, two-time U.S. Ryder Cup player

"I love lessons with Michael. I always get better and have fun." — Darron Stiles, PGA Tour Pro

"Being a better player usually boils down to executing the basics better. Michael is a great help." — Doug LaBelle, Tour Pro