The Accidental Human

The Accidental Human

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  • ISBN 9781101014721
  • 352 Pages
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Immortality bites- new from the author of Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Werewolf.

Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics-and she’s a pro at recruiting new saleswomen. So, she’s shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties-a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women’s color wheels.

When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With a werewolf and a vampire for best friends, she has options that most ordinary people wouldn’t. As Wanda ponders what to do about her mortality, Heath reveals he has secrets, and one of them is that his former bloodlust has turned into an old-fashioned lust-for Wanda. And he’s already given up too much to lose the love of his lifetimes.
The Accidental Human

The Accidental Human

Dakota Cassidy


“[Dakota Cassidy is] a writer to watch!”
-Angela Knight


An Accidental Series
Dakota Cassidy
Dakota Cassidy
Dakota Cassidy
Dakota Cassidy


Dear Reader,

Helllooooo! If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll keep reading to find out more about my latest release, The Accidental Human, available in stores March 3, 2009! This is the third story in my “Accidental” series, following the adventures of three women, the men who love them, and a friendship based on some whacky paranormal circumstances.

Like really whacked.

The Accidental Human hurls (seriously) Wanda Schwartz, cosmetics sales guru for Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics, into the spotlight. But Wanda’s in a pretty bad way.

Like really bad—she’s dying.

I know—sucks, huh? To make matters worse, her booming business isn’t only interrupted by her terminal illness, but by an off the hook, lick-a-licious guy who wants to sell cosmetics just like her. Crazy right?

His name’s Heath Jefferson, and when he answers Wanda’s ad, not only does he excel at wooing women to buy Bobbie-Sue products, but he makes Wanda “woo-to-the-hoo”, as well. Yet she can’t figure Heath out—he’s a man, people! Since when are men interested in foundation that covers flaws and whether some lame nail polish is “in your color wheel?” But Heath has his reasons for resorting to a job designed for women, including a past shrouded in a mystery Wanda wants to solve.

The real trouble begins when Wanda discovers just how much she’d like to have Heath as more than just the first ever male Bobbie-Sue sales recruit. When she’s with him, she finds it ain’t just eyeliner and finishing powder on her mind (wink-wink). How can you begin a relationship when you’re about to kick the bucket—like bite the big one? There is an answer, and it’s with her two best friends Marty and Nina, a werewolf and a vampire, respectively—both turned due to an accidental biting. Two women who can offer immortality to their dying best friend.

But taking fate into her own hands is something Wanda fears almost as much as she does dying. However, time’s running out. Choices must be made. But will it be a choice Wanda can live with—or die with?


I’m uber-jazzed about this third release. So I totally hope you’ll join Wanda, Nina, and Marty for plenty of laughter (despite her dire circumstances. I swear, there are boatloads of giggles), an emotional journey into the true friendship of three best friends, and a romance that has more than its fair share of secrets and hurdles!

Warm regards,

Dakota Cassidy :)

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