The Bounty Mutiny

The Bounty Mutiny

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The names William Bligh, Fletcher Christian, and the Bounty have excited the popular imagination for more than two hundred years. The story of this famous mutiny has many beginnings and many endings but they all intersect on an April morning in 1789 near the island known today as Tonga. That morning, William Bligh and eighteen surly seamen were expelled from the Bounty and began what would be the greatest open-boat voyage in history, sailing some 4,000 miles to safety in Timor. The mutineers led by Fletcher Christian sailed off into a mystery that has never been entirely resolved.

While the full story of what drove the men to revolt or what really transpired during the struggle may never be known, Penguin Classics has brought together-for the first time in one volume-all the relevant texts and documents related to a drama that has fascinated generations. Here is the full text of Bligh’s Narrative of the Mutiny, the minutes of the court proceedings gathered by Edward Christian in an effort to clear his brother’s name, and the highly polemic correspondence between Bligh and Christian-all amplified by Robert Madison’s illuminating Introduction and rich selection of subsequent Bounty narratives

Table of Contents

Introduction by R.D. Madison
Suggestions for Further Reading
A Note on the Texts

A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board His Majesty’s Ship Bounty, by William Bligh

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Court-Martial held at Portsmouth, August 12, 1792. On Ten Persons charged with Mutiny on Board His Majesty’s Ship the Bounty, with an Appendix by Edward Christian

An Answer to Certain Assertions Contained in the Appendix to a Pamphlet, by William Bligh

A Short Reply to Capt. William Bligh’s Answer, by Edward Christian

Appendix A: Bligh’s Orders and a Description of the Breadfruit
Appendix B: Lady Belcher’s Account of the Pandora (1870)
Appendix C: The Quarterly Review on the Bounty (1810)
Appendix D: The Quarterly Review on the Bounty (1815)
Appendix E: Jenny’s Story (1829)
Appendix F: John Adam’s Story (1831)