The Canterbury Murders

The Canterbury Murders

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  • ISBN 9781101613214
  • 242 Pages
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When a royal servant is murdered, Templar Bascot de Marins is once again called upon to serve justice—and protect a royal secret.



As King Phillip of France leads a devastating attack on Normandy, defection spreads among once-loyal English vassals. King John is even forced to imprison his own nephew Arthur for treacherous acts. And when Arthur suddenly disappears, John must keep his mysterious absence a closely guarded secret, or face even greater dissent among the nobles.

Fleeing Normandy, King John and Queen Isabella hope to find safe haven at their royal residence in Canterbury. But they soon discover that no haven is truly safe. When one of John’s servants is murdered, it seems that he and Isabella were the intended targets. John suspects the murderer was a Breton bent on avenging Arthur. Asking Templar Bascot de Marins to investigate the crime, he also asks him to protect the secret of Arthur’s disappearance. But as Bascot and his protégé Gianni follow the murderer’s trail, they find themselves caught between the King’s machinations and the constraints of justice.

The Canterbury Murders

The Canterbury Murders

Written by: Maureen Ash


“Maureen Ash masterfully creates a medieval world full of rich historical detail and peopled with fascinating characters.”
—Victoria Thompson, national bestselling author of the Gaslight Mysteries

“A deft re-creation of a time and place, with characters you’ll want to meet again.”
—Margaret Frazer, national bestselling author of the Sister Frevisse Medieval Mysteries