The Church in an Age of Revolution

The Church in an Age of Revolution

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  • ISBN 9780140137620
  • 304 Pages
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The French Revolution dealt a fatal blow to the alliance of Church and State. The Christian church had to adapt to great changes – from the social upheavals of the Industrial Revolution to the philosophical speculations of Kant’s ‘Copernican revolution’, to Darwin’s evolutionary theories. Some Christians were driven to panic and blind reaction, others were inspired to re-interpret their faith; the results of this conflict within the fabric of the Church are still reverberating today. In this masterly appraisal of a doubt-ridden and turbulent period in Christianity Alec Vidler concludes with a discussion of the position of the Church in modern times and expertly answers the question: ‘Has the Church stood up to the Age of Revolution?’
The Church in an Age of Revolution

The Church in an Age of Revolution

Alec R. Vidler


Hist of the Church
Henry Chadwick
Owen Chadwick

Table of Contents

1. The Gallican Church: The Revolution and Napoleon
2. Theological Reconstruction in Germany
3. Christianity in England, 1790-1830
4. The Anglical Revival, 1830-45
5. Conflicts in Scotland
6. Liberal Catholicism and Ultramontanism in France
7. Coleridge and Maurice
8. The Christian Social Movement
9. From Strauss to Ritschl
10. Science and Christian Belief in England
11. The Bible and the Broad Church
12. The English Free Churches
13. The Pontificate of Pius IX
14. Ritualism and Prayer Book Revision
15. Stands Scotland Where It Did?
16. Catholic Modernism
17. Ebb and Flow in English Theology
18. Kierkegaard
19. The Theology of Crisis
20. Eastern Orthodoxy
21. Christianity in America
22. The Missionary Movement
23. The Ecumenical Movement
24. A Decade of Fermentation
25. Epilogue
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