The Click Moment

The Click Moment

Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World

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  • ISBN 9781101601402
  • 256 Pages
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In the story of every great company and career, there is one defining moment when luck and skill collide. This book is about making that moment happen.

According to Frans Johansson’s research, successful people and organizations show a common theme. A lucky moment occurs and they take advantage of it to change their fate. Consider how Diane von Furstenberg saw Julie Nixon Eisenhower on TV wearing a matching skirt and top, and created the timeless, elegant wrap-dress.

That was a “click moment” of unexpected opportunity. Johansson uses stories from throughout history to illustrate the specific actions we can take to create more click moments, place lots of high-potential bets, open ourselves up to chance encounters, and harness the complex forces of success that follow.


“With his characteristic clarity, insight, and style, Frans Johansson presents an absorbing account of how randomness, serendipity, and ‘luck’ can be used to enhance success in business and in your own life.”
Sir Ken Robinson, author of The Element
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