The Coyote Tracker

The Coyote Tracker

Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425250419
  • 304 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Winner of the Spur Award for Best Mass Market Paperback 

After a prostitute is murdered at the Easy Nickel saloon, Texas Ranger Josiah Wolfe finds his best friend, Scrap Elliot, in jail and wrongly accused. A strangely familiar horse and a mysterious code are the only clues Josiah has to prove his friend’s innocence and save him from execution. Once a Yankee reporter gets involved, Josiah is led to Blanche Dumont’s House of Pleasures, where he learns of a thieving, jail-broken accountant with strange ties to both the Easy Nickel and the town’s wealthiest banker.

With a new railroad line blazing into town, everyone–especially the arrogant young sheriff–is determined to clean up Austin. Faced with the ticking clock of Scrap’s impending trial, Josiah Wolfe must find out who it was that went one step too far.
The Coyote Tracker

The Coyote Tracker

Larry D. Sweazy


"Larry D. Sweazy writes a lively blend of mystery, action, and historical realism."—John D. Nesbitt

"Sweazy has the rare and enviable ability to convey a balance of gripping action and weighty themes in a conversational manner…He’s a natural storyteller, born to the task."—Matthew P. Mayo, author of Haunted Old West

"Larry D. Sweazy could well be a new star in the world of western fiction."—Western Fiction Review


A Josiah Wolfe Novel
Larry D. Sweazy
Larry D. Sweazy
Larry D. Sweazy
Larry D. Sweazy