The Dark Path

The Dark Path

A Memoir

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781594632792
  • 336 Pages
  • Riverhead Books
  • Adult


A young man struggles to reconcile God, faith, and sex as he stumbles toward finding himself in this “brave and irreverent” (Details) memoir.

Since childhood, David Schickler has been torn between his intense desire to become a Catholic priest and his equally fervent desire for the company of women.

Things don’t get any clearer for Schickler at college, where he initiates serious conversations about becoming a Jesuit just as he enters a passionate relationship with a vivacious, agnostic young woman.

Setting out on a journey to understand the balance between a life of faith and life in the real world, Schickler comes to terms with this dichotomy and learns that the answers he seeks aren’t clear-cut—no matter how long he treads the dark path.

Candid and funny, lyrical and blunt, The Dark Path is an evocative portrayal of one man’s struggle with faith and women . . . both of which he tries to love with bold, bracing honesty.
The Dark Path

The Dark Path

Written by: David Schickler


Praise for The Dark Path

“A funny and uncomfortably honest memoir by a deeply talented writer. David Schickler writes about the mysteries of faith and sex with unblinking candor and an abiding sense of wonder.”
—Tom Perrotta

“That rarest of memoirs: a smart, funny, and searingly honest journey that rings true on every page.” —Jonathan Tropper
“A bracingly original and fantastically entertaining page-turner. David Schickler’s fiercely funny, wrenchingly dark, gorgeously written memoir of almost becoming a Catholic priest chronicles years of struggle and anguish, but it also illuminates what it means to stay true to yourself no matter what.” —Kate Christensen

“Lighthearted yet lyrical.”—The Wire


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