The Demon in Me

The Demon in Me

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Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425234686
  • 352 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


View our feature on Michelle Rowen’s The Demon in Me.Hell hath no fury like a woman possessed…

After her hunky police detective partner guns down a serial killer in front of her, “psychic consultant” Eden Riley realizes that she’s no longer alone. A voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak. He’s a demon. But not in a bad way. He was cursed 300 years ago and he wants to find a way to break free. Eden’s psychic energy helps him take form during daylight, and she’s going to have to learn to live with this sexy demon…like it or not.
The Demon in Me

The Demon in Me

Written by: Michelle Rowen


A Letter from Michelle Rowen

Dear Reader,

I am not a fan of horror movies. They scare me. I am a wimp.

Despite this, I watched a lot of them in my teens (Freddy Krueger anyone?) and devoured Stephen King novels. After too many sleepless nights to count I decided they weren’t really giving me the joy I wanted from my entertainment. I didn’t want to be afraid of the monster under my bed anymore. So I made him the hero of my books.

I’ve found a definite theme in my novels thus far and that is that my hero is more often than not a so-called monster. I’m not really sure what this says about me. But monsters can be the good guys if they meet a couple of important criteria. First they have to be kinda hot. Secondly, they have to be heroic. And if they’re not quite heroic yet, they need to make the right choices — at least where the heroine is concerned.

Darrak, the hero of The Demon In Me, the first book in my new “Living in Eden” series, is one of those horror movie monsters. He’s a demon who’s forced to possess my heroine’s body. Scary! Luckily, he’s a little different than your average, everyday, hellish entity. He’s actually the sexiest and most fun hero I’ve written to date (in my opinion). Thanks to his human host, Eden Riley’s psychic energy, he can take corporeal form during daylight hours for the first time in 300 years. He wants to take this opportunity to find a way to break the curse that binds him to Eden. As far as Eden’s concerned…she’s okay with a man wanting her for her body. But this is ridiculous.

I had so much fun writing Darrak and Eden’s story and I really hope it connects with readers who can learn that that sexy monster hiding under their bed just might be somebody they can fall in love with. Hey, it could happen.

Visit my website at for more information about the book and to read an excerpt or two! Also, feel free to email me at I love hearing from readers!

Happy Reading!

Michelle Rowen