The Deporter

The Deporter

One Agent’s Struggle Against the U.S. Government’s Refusal to Expel Criminal Ali ens

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“We have an immigration crisis in our country, all right, and it is a good deal more demonstrably wrong than the millions of illegal immigrants in the shadows. It is costlier to the fabric of American life than the September 11 attacks were. Illogical, deadly, ruinous. Yet none of our leaders is raising a finger to stop it. On the contrary, it is our leaders who drive the destruction.”
—Ames Holbrook, from The Deporter

The true story of a dedicated deportation officer and his exposé of the worst aspects of U.S. immigration policy 

As one of fewer than six hundred elite Deportation Officers in the country, Ames Holbrook was assigned to the criminal mecca of New Orleans. He was charged with capturing and expelling some of the most wretched murderers, rapists, and child molesters who were aliens in the United States. 

But Holbrook was thwarted at nearly every turn…by the same U.S. government that employed him. Why? The reasons will shock and infuriate you. 

In the course of his compelling story, you will read the truth about how foreign governments treat the United States when agents such as Holbrook try to send criminal aliens back to their homelands. And, even more appalling, how Washington’s political hypocrisy forces the direct release of these criminals into unsuspecting American communities.

Like every U.S. Deportation Officer, Ames Holbrook tried to make America safer. Then, when America’s leadership threatened the welfare of innocents, Holbrook rewrote the rules. He won commendations and increased responsibility for his promising results, but all the while, he was fighting a losing battle against the political powers that masqueraded as protectors while actually inflicting tragedy on America’s residents. 

It is Holbrook’s hope that the revelations in these pages might put America on a path to a safer future.
The Deporter

The Deporter

Written by: Ames Holbrook