The Disappearing Girl

The Disappearing Girl

Learning the Language of Teenage Depression

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780452287105
  • 272 Pages
  • Plume
  • Adult


Adults are increasingly concerned about the rising rate of depression in teenage girls and the frequency of alarming behaviors including wild conduct, explosive outbursts, back talking, sexual escapades, drug experimentation, and even cutting, eating disorders, and suicide attempts. The Disappearing Girl, the first book on depression in teenage girls, helps parents understand:
• Why silence reflects a girl’s desperate wish for inclusion, not isolation
• Subtle differences between teen angst and problem behavior
• Vulnerabilities in dating, friendships, school, and families
• How, if untreated, girls will carry feelings of helplessness, anger, and depression into adulthood

Dr. Machoian also offers conversation topics to help girls navigate mixed messages, develop their identity, make healthy decisions, and build resilience that will empower them throughout life, as well as helping parents manage their own frustration.


“This is a hopeful book—for parents, teachers, therapists, and also for girls.”—Carol Gilligan, author of In a Different Voice“This insightful and important book is a must read for all those relating to girls.”—Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out