The Dream Maker

The Dream Maker

Additional Formats
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781609451424
  • 416  Pages
  • Adult


Based on the true story of Jacques Coeur, The Dream Maker is the story of a Steve Jobs of the Middle Ages. Coeur was the King of France’s visionary First Banker who, with his tours of the Far East, his public criticism of the Crusades, and his efforts to develop trade and an operable financial system, contributed to bringing France out of darkness and toward the Renaissance and modernity. An adventure novel, a novel of ideas, and a moving love story.


“Jean-Christophe Rufin has re-established his eloquence and spirit, that of the great novelist of the people, which…enchants his readers. His new novel is both a chivalric odyssey and a brilliant reflection on power.”— Lire

The Dream Maker blends with skill and efficiency politics, business, travel and love. All of this written in a classic, elegant prose, of which Jean-Christophe Rufin has long had a command.”— Le JDD
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