The Early Church

The Early Church

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Examines the beginning of the Christian movement during the first centureis AD, and the explosive force of its expansion throughout the Roman world.
The Early Church

The Early Church

Henry Chadwick


Hist of the Church
Henry Chadwick
Owen Chadwick

Table of Contents

1. From Jerusalem to Rome
The Jewish background; the earliest Church; the Gentile Church; encounter with the Roman Empire
2. Faith and Order
The bonds of unity; gnosticism; the Ministry and the Bible; forms of the Ministry
3. Expansion and Growth
Causes of success; the geographical extension of the Church; the defence of the Faith
4. Justin and Irenaeus
Justin Martyr; Irenaeus
5. Easter, the Monarchian Controversy, and Tertullian
Easter; the Monarchian Controversy; Tertullian
6. Clement of Alexandria and Origen
Clement of Alexandria; Origen
7. Church, State and Society in the Third Century
The pagan revival and the persecution of Decius; Cyprian; the Great Persecution and its consequences
8. Constantine and the Council of Nicaea
9. The Arian Controversy after the Council of Nicaea
From Nicaea to the death of Constantine; the Church under the sons of Constantine; from Julian to Theodosius I
10. The Conflict of Paganism and Christianity in the Fourth Century
11. Church, State and Society from Julian to Theodosius
12. The Ascetic Movement
13. The Controversy about Origen and the Tragedy of John Chrysostom
14. The Problem of the Person of Christ
Diodore, Theodore and Apollinaris; Cyril and Nestorius; the “Monophysite” Council of Ephesus and the reaction at Chalcedon; the search for reconciliation; the doctrine of one will
15. The Development of Latin Christian Thought
Jerome and the beginnings of maturity; the conversion of Augustine; the Donatist schism and the problem of coercion; “The City of God” and the Pelagian controversy; the Holy Trinity
16. The Papacy
17. The Church and the Barbarians
18. Worship and Art
Liturby; daily offices; early Church music; Christian art
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