Eight Ess Stps Con C

Eight Ess Stps Con C

Preseverving Relationships at Work, at Home, and in the Community

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  • ISBN 9780874777512
  • 304 Pages
  • TarcherPerigee
  • Adult


Problems that “just won’t go away” can be settled through methods developed by one of America’s leading experts in conflict resolution. In clear language, Weeks shows readers how to turn conflict into lasting partnerships and ensure a fruitful outcome.

Table of Contents


Part I: Understanding Conflict
Chapter 1: A New View of Conflict
Chapter 2: Five Popular (But Ineffective) Approaches to Conflict Resolution
Chapter 3: The Ingredients of Conflict
Chapter 4: The Conflict Partnership Process

Part II: The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution
Step 1: Create an Effective Atmosphere
Step 2: Clarify Perceptions
Step 3: Focus on Individual and Shared Needs
Step 4: Build Shared Positive Power
Step 5: Look to the Future, Then Learn from the Past
Step 6: Generate Options
Step 7: Develop “Doables”: The Stepping-stones to Action
Step 8: Make Mutual-Benefit Agreements

Appendix A: Handling Frequent Problem Areas
Dealing with Anger
When One Party Thinks There Is No Conflict
When You Feel Unsure About Confronting Someone
When the Other Party Seems Not to Want a Resolution
Dealing with People Who Only Want Things Their Way
Dealing with Conflicts Involving Injustices
Dealing with Seemingly Unresolvable Conflicts
When to Seek a Third-Party Facilitator
Conflict Partnership Third-Party Facilitation Skills

Appendix B: Two Cases That Demonstrate the Conflict Partnership Process