The Fat Chance Cookbook

The Fat Chance Cookbook

More Than 100 Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes to Help You Lose the Sugar and the Weight

Written by:
Contribution by: Heather Millar

Additional Formats
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780142181645
  • 352 Pages
  • Plume
  • Adult


The long-awaited cookbook companion to the instant New York Times bestsellerFat Chance shows you how to beat the odds—deliciously
Dr. Robert Lustig’s message that a calorie is not a calorie revolutionized our understanding of weight loss and nutrition. But in order to avoid the hidden sugars that threaten our health and waistlines, Dr. Lustig warns that we must transform the way we shop, cook, and eat. Teaming up with Cindy Gershen—a chef who’s lost more than one-hundred pounds on his plan—Dr. Lustig shows readers how to:

   • Stock a pantry
   • Prepare more than 100 fast and delicious recipes
   • Feed a family—kids included—healthy foods they’ll love
   • Make entertaining easy and nutritious

More timely than ever now that newest edition of The Dietary Guidelines for Americans has for the first time placed hard limits on the amount of sugar we should consume, The Fat Chance Cookbook shows you how to lose weight, find your way back to health, and still enjoy delectable, memorable meals.


Praise for Fat Chance:

“No scientist has done more in the last fifty years to alert Americans to the potential dangers of sugar.”

—Gary Taubes, author of Why We Get Fat

“The best book I’ve read on the relationship between diet and health.” —Andrew Weil, MD, author of You Can’t Afford to Get Sick

“Every American, politician, teacher, and business leader must read this book.” —Mark Hyman, MD, author of The Blood Sugar Solution