The First 20 Minutes Personal Trainer

The First 20 Minutes Personal Trainer

The Right–and the Wrong–Workouts for Everyone (A Penguin Special from Hudson S treet Press)

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  • ISBN 9781101633540
  • 54 Pages
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A terrific companion to Gretchen Reynolds’s New York Times bestseller THE FIRST 20 MINUTES, this Penguin Special features new material and a wealth of perscriptive insight for those looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or push themselves even farther.  The First 20 Minutes Personal Trainer offers detailed advice and instruction on how to exercise, how not to exercise, and what to do in order to get the most from your workout.
The First 20 Minutes Personal Trainer

The First 20 Minutes Personal Trainer

Written by: Gretchen Reynolds


Praise for The First 20 Minutes:

“Solid advice with motivational oomph to get you up and running.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Armed with the information in this book, readers will be inspired and motivated to reassess their habitual exercise programs and make positive changes.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] great guide for the mindful athlete who wants to gain all the benefits of physical training while minimizing downtime from injury or overtraining” —Danny Dreyer, founder of Chi Running

“There has never been a better time in history to grow stronger, faster, and smarter; there has never been a more helpful book than Gretchen Reynolds’s The First 20 Minutes. Smart, clear, and beautifully useful, this is the new fitness bible for the modern age.” —Dan Coyle author of The Talent Code and Lance Armstrong’s War

The First 20 Minutes is packed with interesting tips and insights. Pickle juice for cramps, who would have ever thought! Gretchen Reynolds once again delivers a winner.” —Dean Karnazes, uberathlete and New York Times bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man