The Flame and the Shadow

The Flame and the Shadow

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  • ISBN 9781440637018
  • 400 Pages
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A mercenary is hired to kidnap a fire witch in this brilliant, magical novel of erotic passion. For fans of Laurel K. Hamilton and Shana Abé…   
Some are drawn to the light. Some are drawn to the dark. Some desire both…

Grayson of Concordia, known on countless worlds as the Duke of Ombra, is a mercenary, a sorcerer of shadows—a man whose soul is consumed by darkness. For Gray, the bleak savagery in his heart is manifest in an entity he calls Shad. He has long resisted Shad’s enticements, but when he is hired to kidnap a fire witch, he seizes the chance to restore his soul—no matter the cost.

Cenda’s heart is ash. Devastated by a shattering loss, life has lost all meaning for the fire witch. Slowly, she has worked to master her powers and go on living. But when she encounters Gray, her will is no match for her desire. But her love may not survive the terrible discovery of Gray’s betrayal…

“Sparkles with excitement! An inventive tale of magic and erotic adventure.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Shana Abé

The Flame and the Shadow

The Flame and the Shadow

Denise Rossetti


“Sparkles with excitement! An inventive tale of magic and erotic adventure.”—New York Times Bestselling Author Shana Abé

“Denise Rossetti is a stunning new voice in futuristic romance. She hits the scene with a thrilling view into a magical world of fantasy, magic and intrigue….I’ve not read anything like it….I’ve put Denise Rossetti on my list of authors to follow as I expect to see new and out of the box literary greatness from her.”
Night Owl Romance

“Should appeal to fans of Storm Constantine and Laurel K. Hamilton.”
Library Journal

“Denise Rossetti has taken the fantasy genre by storm with her print debut. THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW bursts with action, mystery and passion. Rossetti has a beautiful writing style, apparent in her descriptions of the world, her realistic dialogue and her highly developed characters who have weaknesses, learn lessons and grow as we turn the pages…. She has an extraordinary gift of language as if the words themselves create magical patterns on the page as they flow one into another so seamlessly…. I highly recommend this novel to fans of erotic romance and fantasy alike and can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment.”
Romance Junkies

“Denise Rossetti transports readers of her romantic science fiction novel, THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW, to the five-mooned planet called Sybaris where an almost past- her-prime, seriously clumsy and not what anyone would call beautiful witch grieves the death of her only child. Maybe as recompense for the death, maybe something more sinister, The Lord and Lady of the afterlife endowed her with a new gift as they took Cenda’s daughter during last winter’s ague— the power of fire. She’s the only fire witch and she’s still very inept and naïve to think that it is just a run-of-the-mill ability. There are those who want her and her power and they are willing to pay. As well, there are those who will do anything to betray Cenda for their own ambition, money, power, greed, or well-being. She has no idea that she can trust nobody, least of all Grayson, Duke of Ombra, a troubadour harpist with a shadowy secret that he has come to hate. A secret shadow, that is…. THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW is the perfect blend of science fiction and erotic fantasy romance.”
Romance Readers at Heart, Top Pick

“A witch whose gift of flame is born from heartbreaking loss. A man whose burden is carried from innocent boyhood, through desperate youth, to besmirched adult. These people come together for very different reasons…. Ms Rossetti opens her fantasy series with a fascinating story. Set on a pleasure planet called Sybaris, it is a world where magic and technology both exist but not contentedly. Readers will delight in the author’s rich imagination as they are caught up between the dilemmas of the main characters, the fight for power between the magic wielding Pures and the Technomages, and a thorough fall into love…. One of the pleasures of reading is to find characters that so completely capture our attention. These are people who have known happiness, suffered greatly and now have some chance of joy in their lives, again. They are emotionally wounded, imperfect, and are lovable in spite of that.”
Love Romance & More

“This erotica is suitable only for mature audiences, but quite pleasurable for those who enjoy spectacularly sexual romance.”

“Captivating start to an erotic, mystical, futuristic world full of excitement and intrigue…. Denise Rossetti creates an erotic, mystical, futuristic world full of excitement and intrigue, promising even more adventure in the next book in this thrilling series. This is a great read!”
Fresh Fiction



Dear Reader,

I’m not a cruel woman, despite what my children may tell you, but oh my goodness, I do enjoy a healthy dose of angst. Specifically, I love putting my characters through the tortures of the damned. The harder the struggle, the sweeter the final redemption.

What could be more impossible than to be at war with yourself? With your fundamental sense of self, your code of honor. Suppose that any choice you make will destroy you—and there is no other choice but to make a choice?

Ah… Luscious.

I’m a sensate person. When I’m out shopping, I like to raise fruit to my nose for a sniff or stroke dress fabrics on the rack as I pass. So in The Flame and the Shadow I created a man who embodies that internal conflict in an external, physical way. Imagine seeing the worst part of your personality rise up, manifested as a dark copy of yourself. The idea sent shivers down my spine so, of course, I had to write it.

Grayson, Duke of Ombra, is a sorcerer of shadows. He is literally at war with himself, because his shadow, a dark entity he calls Shad, has an independent life of its own. Much more than Gray’s mortal life is at stake. He and Shad are fighting for control of his sanity and his soul. By the time Gray meets Cenda, a fire witch struggling with a crushing burden of grief, he will do anything to win the battle.

Anything at all.

—Denise Rossetti