The Food of a Younger Land

The Food of a Younger Land

A portrait of American food- before the national highway system, before chainres taurants, and before frozen food, when the nation’s foodwas seasonal,regional,

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  • ISBN 9781594484575
  • 480 Pages
  • Riverhead Books
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From the New York Times bestselling author who “powerfully demonstrates the defining role food plays in history and culture” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

In the throes of the Great Depression, a make-work initiative for authors-called “America Eats”-was created by the WPA to chronicle the eating habits, traditions, and struggles of local Americans. Mark Kurlansky, author of Salt and Cod, unearths this forgotten literary treasure, chronicling a bygone era when Americans had never heard of fast food or grocery superstores. Kurlansky brings together the WPA contributions-featuring New York automats and Georgia Coca-Cola parties, Maine lobsters and Montana beaver tails-and brilliantly showcases them with authentic recipes, anecdotes, and photographs.
The Food of a Younger Land

The Food of a Younger Land

Mark Kurlansky

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