The Gate of Heavenly Peace

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

The Chinese and Their Revolution

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 “A milestone in Western studies of China.” (John K. Fairbank)
In this masterful, highly original approach to modern Chinese history, Jonathan D. Spence shows us the Chinese revolution through the eyes of its most articulate participants—the writers, historians, philosophers, and insurrectionists who shaped and were shaped by the turbulent events of the twentieth century. By skillfully combining literary materials with more conventional sources of political and social history, Spence provides an unparalleled look at China and her people and offers valuable insight into the continuing conflict between the implacable power of the state and the strivings of China’s artists, writers, and thinkers.
The Gate of Heavenly Peace

The Gate of Heavenly Peace

Written by: Jonathan D. Spence


Praise for The Gate of Heavenly Peace:
“Absolutely first rate; it is adventurous in form, scrupulous in content, passionate in its revelation of complex human drama.”
Saturday Review
“[Jonathan Spence] has woven a magical symphony that tells us as no conventional history could of the agony of a nation in awesome labor.”
—Harrison E. Salisbury, Chicago Tribune Book World
“With a novelist’s flair for life and a historian’s grounding in fact . . . there is no other work to match this in sweep, vivacity, and humanity.”
Library Journal

Table of Contents

The Gate of Heavenly Peace – Jonathan D. Spence List of Illustrations
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1. Arousing the Spirits
2. Visions and Violence
3. Wanderings
4. The Far Horizon
5. The Land of Hunger
6. Extolling Nirvana
7. Whose Children Are Those?
8. Wake the Spring
9. Farewell to the Beautiful Things
10. Refugees
11. Rectifications
12. A New Order
13. The Noise of the Renegades