The Genesis Enigma

The Genesis Enigma

Why the First Book of the Bible Is Scientifically Accurate

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“The single Darwinian bicentenary publication most liable to reconcile religion and science.”
-Booklist (starred review)

Andrew Parker is known within the scientific community as the man who best explained the “big bang” in the diversity of life that occurred over 500 million years ago. Stimulated by that research, he became interested in the biblical account of Genesis. Light is mentioned twice; life first emerged in the sea; and then birds . . . The more he looked, the more he found parallels between Genesis and accepted scientific truths about the evolution of life. In The Genesis Enigma, Parker steps day by day through the week of biblical creation to explain the science that verifies its account. A brilliant work of scholarship, Parker’s unprecedented rational argument for the existence of God will fascinate intellectually curious believers and nonbelievers alike.
The Genesis Enigma

The Genesis Enigma

Andrew Parker

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