The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning

Proven New Methods for Correcting ADD, Math & Handwriting Problems

Written by: Ronald D. Davis
Written by: Eldon M. Braun

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Using the proven methods he developed to overcome dyslexia, Ron Davis adapts those techniques to help sufferers triumph over a variety of common learning disabilities, including:

•Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

•ADHD (the hyperactive variety)

•Math deficiency (dyscalculia and acalculia)

•Handwriting problems (dysgraphia and agraphia)

Outlining clear instructions, the author demonstrates that through a series of mental and physical exercises called “Orientation Counseling” and learning tools called “Symbol Mastery,” those struggling with these conditions can now learn how to correct them, embrace their gift, and enjoy learning.

Table of Contents

The Gift of LearningForeword
Section One: The Learning Process and Disabilities
1. Defining Learning and Learning Disability
2. Orientation and Disorientation
3. Attention Defecit Disorder
4. Math Problems: Dyscalculia
5. Handwriting Problems: Dysgraphia

Section Two: The Basic Tools
6. Introduction to the Basic Tools Package
7. Motivation and Responsibility
8. Perceptual Ability Assessment
9. Orientation Counseling
10. Release and Review for Orientation Counseling
11. Fine-Tuning for Orientation Counseling
12. Alignment Procedure
13. Energy Dial Setting
14. Coordination Therapy
15. Symbol Mastery and Concept Mastery
16. Establishing Order

Section Three: Addressing ADD and ADHD
17. A Correction Strategy for ADD and ADHD

Section Four: Addressing Math
18. A Correction Strategy for Math
19. Twelve Exercises for Teaching Math

Section Five: Addressing Handwriting
20. A Correction Strategy for Handwriting Problems
21. Handwriting Correction for No or Inadequate Instruction
22. Handwriting Correction for Disorientation
23. Handwriting Correction for Multiple Mental Images
24. Handwriting Correction for Inadequate Natural Orientation

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