The Girl from Foreign

The Girl from Foreign

A Memoir

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  • ISBN 9781440637094
  • 384 Pages
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A search for shipwrecked ancestors, forgotten histories, and a sense of home

Fascinating and intimate , The Girl from Foreign is one woman’s search for ancient family secrets that leads to an adventure in far-off lands. Sadia Shepard, the daughter of a white Protestant from Colorado and a Muslim from Pakistan, was shocked to discover that her grandmother was a descendant of the Bene Israel, a tiny Jewish community shipwrecked in India two thousand years ago. After traveling to India to put the pieces of her family’s past together, her quest for identity unlocks a myriad of profound religious and cultural revelations that Shepard gracefully weaves into this touching, eye-opening memoir.
The Girl from Foreign

The Girl from Foreign

Written by: Sadia Shepard


” Elegantly crafted . . . [Shepard’s] writing is vivid and her meditations on heritage and grief are moving.”
-The New Yorker

” A meditation on how our individual memories inevitably slip away . . . A rich tapestry of theology, art, emotions and forgotten lore.”
-The Washington Post

” Exquisite . . . Part love story, part history, part search-not only for what was lost, but for how to understand what is found . . . An act of love and courage.”
-The Christian Science Monitor


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