Inside Larry and Sergey's Brain

Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain

Inside the Brilliant Minds of Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin

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How much do you really know about Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

The Google Guys skips past the general Google story and focuses on what really drives the company’s founders. Richard L. Brandt shows the company as the brainchild of two brilliant individuals and looks at Google’s business decisions in light of its founders’ ambition and beliefs.

Larry is the main strategist, with business acumen and practical drive, while Sergey is the primary technologist and idealist, with brilliant ideas and strong moral positions. But they work closely together, almost like complementary halves of a single brain.

Through interviews with current and former employees, competitors, partners, and senior Google management, plus conversations with the founders themselves, Brandt demystifies the company while clarifying a number of misconceptions.
Inside Larry and Sergey's Brain

Inside Larry and Sergey’s Brain

Written by: Richard L. Brandt