The Great New York Sports Debate

The Great New York Sports Debate

Two New York Sportswriters Go Head-to-Head on the 50 Most Heated Questions

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Two top authorities slug it out over the fifty hottest debates in New York sports

New Yorkers are notoriously opinionated, and nothing spurs their argumentative side quite like sports. David Lennon of Newsday and Roger Rubin of The New York Daily News—two New York sportswriters, add gasoline to the fire with The Great New York Sports Debate, a raucous and spirited examination of the fifty most contentious issues in New York athletics. Longtime friends and rivals, Lennon and Rubin engage in heated debate on a wide range of topics, including:

• Is George Steinbrenner good or evil?
• Which athlete is the biggest villain in New York?
• New York’s greatest quarterback: Namath or Simms?
• Can a New Yorker like “both teams”?

Touching on every aspect of New York sports—including baseball, basketball, boxing, and the New York Marathon—The Great New York Sports Debate is guaranteed to spark lively discussion among sports fans everywhere.
The Great New York Sports Debate

The Great New York Sports Debate

Written by: Roger Rubin, Written by: David Lennon