The Hardest Working Man

The Hardest Working Man

How James Brown Saved the Soul of America

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The untold story of the night a divide nation turned to James Brown—and he delivered hope and calm in the form of an immortal concert 

Since James Brown’s death in December 2006, the Godfather of Soul has received many stirring tributes. Yet few have addressed his contribution in the darkest hour of the Civil Rights movement. Telling for the first time the story of his historic Boston Garden concert the day after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, The Hardest Working Man captures the magnificent achievements that made Brown an icon of American popular culture. 

Sullivan details the charged atmosphere in Boston, Brown’s fight against city officials to take the stage, and the electric performance he delivered. Through the prism of this one concert, Sullivan also charts Brown’s incredible rise from poverty to self-made millionaire, his enormous influence on popular music, and his complex relationship with the Civil Rights movement, making The Hardest Working Man both a tribute to an unforgettable concert and a rousing biography of a revolutionary musician.
The Hardest Working Man

The Hardest Working Man

Written by: James Sullivan