The Helix War

The Helix War

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Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780756407384
  • 704 Pages
  • DAW
  • Adult


Marseguro, a water world far distant from Earth, is home to a small colony of both unmodified humans and the Selkies, a water-dwelling race created by geneticist Victor Hansen from modified human DNA. For seventy years the Selkies and the unmodified landlings have dwelled together in peace, safe from pursuit by the current fanatical theocratic rulers of Earth.

But everything changes when Earth discovers Marseguro, and a strike force – with Victor Hansen’s own grandson Richard aboard – is sent to eradicate this abomination.

Though the forces of Earth are equipped with weapons far superior to those of this peaceful, backwater planet, the people of Marseguro are not without resources to fi ght back. Soon it will be hard to determine who has more to fear – those being attacked or the invaders from Earth….

Marseguro won Canada’s prestigious Prix Aurora, and Terra Insegura was a finalist for this award.


“The settings are well drawn and creative…. The characters possess substance, emotions and realistic motivations…. Most important, the action and surprises keep coming…this book is almost impossible to put down.”
— SCI FI Weekly

“Terra Insegura is the perfect balance to Marseguro: you’ve got to read this one if you read the first. It does stand on its own, but why deny yourself the pleasure of the full literary tapestry Edward Willett weaves with these two?”
— SF Scope