The Hot Latin Diet

The Hot Latin Diet

The Fast-Track to a Bombshell Body

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  • ISBN 9781440637285
  • 224 Pages
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“Dr. Manny” of FOX News and The Rachael Ray Show fame shows how seven Latin powerfoods can reshape the body for life. Includes recipes. More than just a diet plan, The Hot Latin Diet offers a new outlook on what it means to live well, feel great, and look fabulous. Dr. Manny Alvarez, one of America’s leading OB/GYNs and FOX News’ voice of health, introduces the seven Latin Powerfoods and the three tracks that can lead to better health. He then reveals how incorporating them into a diet can help readers slim down-while keeping those sexy, natural curves.

Dr. Manny helps restock the home with an exciting variety of savory, healthy, metabolism-boosting foods, and breaks the diet down into manageable phases for readers. With everything from delicious new Latin-inspired recipes to effective tips on balancing exercise and nutrition, this fun and practical weight-loss plan reveals the simple secret to a bombshell body.
The Hot Latin Diet

The Hot Latin Diet

Manny Alvarez M.D.

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