The Human Predator

The Human Predator

A Historical Chronicle of Serial Murder and Forensic Investigation

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  • ISBN 9781101619056
  • 480 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


When we think of serial killing, we tend to think of it as a perversion of contemporary society. The Human Predator makes an eye-opening case for the existence of serial killers throughout time—the motives and methods, the societies that spawned them, and the historical periods in which they lived . . . and killed.

From Ancient Rome and the Dark Ages to the open roads of America, from the exploits of French religious zealot Gilles de Rais to such high-profile monsters as Jeffrey Dahmer and Aileen Wuornos, Katherine Ramsland offers a complete chronological record of the serial-killer phenomenon—and the parallel development of psychology, forensic science, and FBI profiling in the serial killer’s evolving manifestation throughout human history.



“ABSORBING . . . STARTLING . . . FRIGHTENING . . . The first book-length chronicle of the serial killer from Ancient Rome to the present day. For anyone interested in either forensic science . . . or serial murder, [The Human Predator] is a must-have.” —truTV Crime Library

“COMPELLING . . . A very different perspective on the phenomenon of serial killers . . . Some readers may find themselves squirming as the darkest side of human nature is revealed.”—Monsters and Critics

“EXCEEDINGLY WELL-RESEARCHED . . . Draws [readers] in to the lurid details of the crime . . . Highly recommended.”—