The Ice-Cold Heaven

The Ice-Cold Heaven

A Novel

Additional Formats
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781590201404
  • 432  Pages
  • Adult


August 1914. While World War I rears its head across Europe, Sir Ernest Shackleton begins a daring expedition to be the first man to cross the Antarctic on foot. With him on his ship Endurance are twenty-eight crew members, sixty-nine sled dogs, a gramophone, a bicycle–and Merce Blackboro, a seventeen-year-old stowaway hidden amidst oilskins and sea boots.

Their journey into the ice is by way of the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. But the Antarctic summer is short, and their passage remains resolutely closed to them. In the Weddell Sea the Endurance is trapped for months in pack ice and finds itself delivered up to an uncertain fate.

Richly imagined and gripping right up the very last page, Ice-Cold Heaven traces Shackleton’s legendary and heroic adventure through the ice and explores the relationships between these men who were lost to the world for 635 days.


“Forced to abandon ship, the 28-member crew [of the Endurance] find themselves equally trapped in one of the most forbidding places on earth. The story of their survival—though Bonné has taken some liberties with the historical record—is legendary and the stuff of high drama. Fans of adventure and survival tales against overwhelming odds won’t want to miss this.” —Booklist
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